Art imitates life when directors showcase plants in television and movie productions. From family-friendly scenes in Dr. Suess to book adaptations featuring plants, the natural phenomenon of commonly used plants serves to entertain and educate media watchers in a variety of ways. Even in the 90s, Bromeliad plants were featured on a television show called The Indoor Garden. In addition, common house plants inspire media professionals to create backgrounds and subjects to showcase in productions. As a plant enthusiast begins to study plants, he may notice the inclusion of bromeliad watering, house plant placement, or specific plants in popular television and movie productions. Here are a few ways that television and movie directors use flora to enhance media productions.


Greensmen are highly skilled professionals who manage anything green on a movie or television set, including bromeliad watering. These qualified bromeliad watering and horticulture professionals are in great demand to enhance a movie scene’s natural ambiance. From background landscaping to common house plants in the interior, plants in movies create a sense of reality for viewers. Even though consumers may not even notice the impeccable attention to greenery detail included in high-quality productions, creators pay attention to every detail when having natural scenery in media.


Like Emmy-winning public television show Growing a Greener World, plant subjects in media serve to educate and entertain audiences. This popular program showcases compelling weekly stories about organic gardening and green living. Executive producer and host Joe Lamp’l offers fantastic visual imagery and information designed to change the lives of his students and enhance global awareness of sustainability.


The fantastic, fictional story of an alien plant in Little Shop of Horrors is a creative classic that brings to life a man-eating plant nuisance. The plant manipulates Seymour, the shop’s assistant, in an unrealistic depiction of horticulture. However, plant lovers may relate to the concept of dealing with a temperamental plant, which the movie highlights to a fantastical extent. The film is a famous movie adaptation, which is based on a Broadway musical of the same name.