As organizations transition to a hybrid and digital workplace, the means of employee connection and information sharing also change. A digital workplace allows employees to collaborate and interact easily without necessarily being in the office. At the heart of this virtual work environment is a social intranet, which enables real-time connections. As a result, your company needs an intranet social media portal for many reasons.

Enhanced Productivity

Fewer distractions often translate to improved productivity. Yes, some employees may take advantage of an intranet social media to share personal information and socialize. Still, proper platform use translates to more output thanks to improved organization, communication, and teamwork. You can visit the Omnia intranet website link, to learn more about this and possibly book a demo.

Improved Collaboration

Did you know that communication is a snap when every member of your staff is, say, a social tag or instant message away? Although email communication is still very effective, the same can’t be said of it when it comes to internal communication. That’s because emails have a high chance of being overlooked, especially when receiving loads of them in their inbox. With an intranet social media platform, corporate employees can quickly respond to one another and share huge files easily.

Employee Satisfaction

Ensuring your team is happy is crucial because it boosts staff retention. Every departed staff has to be replaced at a cost in terms of resources and time spent on recruitment, training, etc. An intranet social medium fosters employee engagement, which then translates to happiness.