Media is currently the easiest and fastest method to convey information. Media did not begin with as much audience as it currently has. There was also unavailability of high-level technology at that time. Here is a brief history of media since it began thousands of years ago.

It is thought that the media began thousands of years ago through the paintings that were done in the caves. Researchers believe that the painters were trying to convey a message to the people. The only limitation with this means of communication is that it did not get a large audience.

The Emergence of Mass Media

Mass media came to life in 100 BC. This is when China invented paper writing. This form of communication caught a large audience. 1500 years later, a printing press was built. This helped in the mass production of books.

  • Print

The beginning of the 17th century saw the release of newspapers. Now the information could be delivered to a much larger crowd. Illiteracy was the only limitation as most people could not read. The level of illiteracy reduced as the years went by and the technology went up. Newspapers were then capable of printing photographs to make the news more exciting. They were also able to create videos.

  • Broadcast

The first radio broadcast was done in 1920. A television broadcast followed after about 10 years. Television broadcast has been improving ever since. There then came the emergence of the internet which has taken over most of the things. Print media, as well as video news, can be broadcasted through the internet. The internet platform also provides a large audience.