Information is essential since it gives a guideline on what to do and as they say, information is power and thus if you have information you have the power. We get information from different sources. Media has become a great source of credible information, regardless of the fact of instances where some information has been labeled fake. There are various types of media that all serve the same purpose which is information delivery. They include:

Print Media

When we talk of print media, we refer to things such as newspapers and magazines. The print media is a great source of information for a wide number of readers. Just from its name, print media is information that is printed on paper for people to read. Readers of newspapers can get new information at regular intervals such as daily or weekly depending on when the specific paper is published. One shortcoming of print media is that its information can only be consumed by literate people who are able to read.

Broadcast Media

One of the most influential types of media is broadcast media. Among all the media types, this is the most used media since it has a wider reach. It also serves a variety of purposes. Apart from passing information, it also provides entertainment for all its users and also provides education. People can also be sensitized on certain programs going on through the broadcast media. One thing that stands out for the broadcast media is that it is audio-visual thus one can watch and listen atthe same time. Some examples of the broadcast media are the television and radio.

Support Media

Some of the components of support media are cinema and video advertising, transit advertising, and outdoor advertising. This media is mainly used for advertisement purposes and it advertises using billboards, neon light posters, and electronic posters. They are mostly set up along roads targeting travelers.


This form of media is widely used around the world through the connection of computers, therefore, making today’s world a global village. The internet can advertise through websites e-mails and other social media platforms. The global type of media reaches a large number of people. It is also affordable in many areas, hence better to use.