Citizen journalism has been ongoing for more than a decade now, but it is in itself experiencing evolution even today. The practice was born following the growth of the internet as a mainstay consumer commodity.

When it first began, citizen journalists relied heavily on computers and blogs to thrive. With time, it became possible to create personal websites and use social media and microblogging sites like Twitter. In the more recent past, the use of the mobile phone has made the practice of journalism even easier.

Furthermore, there have been continued efforts to educate practicing and potential citizen journalists on proper media practices. This has gone a long way in professionalizing the practice and earning it some respect. Some people now rely entirely on citizen journalists in their area to get reports.

Furthermore, there are mainstream media houses that have acknowledged citizen journalists’ efforts and brought them on board. In such cases, citizen journalism is proving to be a complement of mainstream media rather than a replacement.

The future looks bright for the practice. Cameras are getting better and more affordable, making it easier for citizen journalists to produce better quality. Internet penetration and increased speeds are also a big plus!