In today’s world, the media plays a major role in each and everyone’s way of living. It now shapes society in more than a few ways. Media, which is derived from the word ‘medium’ which refers to the mode or way to convey information, has its core goal as actually conveying news and other relevant information to the masses. The media plays various roles and responsibilities in society. Here are some:

Watchdog/Gate keeping

One of the roles of the media is to act as a watchdog or gatekeeper of the public. As the name suggests, the media is meant to have the public’s interests met through its work. For instance, in countries marred by corruption, nepotism and other vices from the government in power, the media holds the government accountable for the actions. The media will hence highlight and even investigate political issues that are of public interest and bring them into the public limelight.


Most of the information you need is acquired from the media, hence it contributes to publicity. For instance, the media plays a major role in public awareness during civic education by educating the public about government policies introduced. They get adequate information from government entities and convey it through their various channels. The media is also tasked with giving their audience information on pertinent issues affecting them such as the country’s budget, significant events in their area and new laws in their regions. This enables the public to make better, well-informed decisions in their daily living.

Agenda Setting

The media also plays a major role in what you consume or purchase. Wonder how? Recall heading to the supermarket and picking up a new soap you just saw nicely advertising on TV. That is how strongly the media has an influence on your pocket. The media advertises new as well as current products and services in the market. The media also advocates for diverse causes or perspectives as outlaid by organizations such as corporate or religious sects. For instance, in cases where there is a conflict or scandal, the media will highlight the facts and speculations as per the parties involved. In this role, the media sets the agenda for the public, defining what people converse in the streets and even in homes.


After a long day of work, you can enjoy your favorite show or listen to your favorite radio presenter. With the diversity of shows both in print and electronic media, you can get entertained from wherever you are. The media is a major source of entertainment not just through traditional forms such as TV and radio but also through mobile phones and other digital devices like tabs.