There are media personalities that know just how to dig information from respondents, then there are those who are just there. But what sets the best apart from the rest?

Well, it’s nothing astronomical, really. It is more about practice rather than pure talent. Although there are born interviewers, anyone can become decent with training and practice. To get to that level, one needs to sharpen various skills before, during and after an interview.


This is the most important stage of an interview and should mainly comprise research. It is rude and unprofessional to be asking a subject about stuff that is in the public domain. Always remember that the goal of an interview is to produce new information.

During this stage, one also needs to outline interview objects and formulate questions that will help achieve them.


When sitting down with an interviewee, one needs to be confident and firm. Ask the planned questions and be firm to get answers. Talk less and listen more. Ask follow up questions if necessary.


If an interview is not live, it is important to go through it before publishing. If anything is not clear, a clarification call to the interviewee is fine.